Risx is an All-In-One Holistic AD security Platform

Risx consists of plug-ins based modules that can be easily customized or extended with new functionality. The Security posture analytics module is designed to discover, identify and prioritize cyber security threats on AD Service & the underline OS and Present them in a simple, intuitive way, in order to manage them intelligently.

The KerbShield module designed to Detect & Prevent AD attacks in Real Time utilizing conditional access and contextual authorization


RISX Interactive Dashboard

Risx can extend its functionality using Plug-ins that can be self-developed or leverage existing 3rd party components & connectors


The unique logic & features embedded in RISX is based on our own insights from research & professional services activities


Every risk exposed by system has a RiskScore, Technical explanation, reference to online documentation and advised solution


The Powerful rule based engine & plug-ins can be easily operated by the organization to add new Rules, data collectors etc..


The system allows to download PDF\Excel offline reports


The system allows to download PDF\Excel offline reports



In order to address credential theft associated threats, RISX’s real time protection leverages Conditional access with MFA that can be consumed by Email or a dedicated Push App for Android and IOS.

The PushApp has unique features, designed to address complex use cases such as:


  • Multiple Approvers (split key principal)
  • Geo-location filtering
  • TOTP pin code



Automate Security Posture Analytics into Actionable Insights
Professional Services with Risx as Key Tool
Get New Insights on Unmanaged Cyber Risks
Turns Insights into IP and Embed in Risx


Haaretz group contain from the major activity as an independent daily newspaper running both print and digital media addressing also in English.

As being part of the media sector - Cyber Risks are prioritized from both regulation & business model perspective.
Data is one of our most important asset and we invest efforts to ensure its integrity & confidentiality

10Root's security management Solution RISX for AD presented to us by Dor is an elegant & effective tool that helped us identify Active directory associated risks, prioritize them and suggest the best course of action to achieve optimal mitigation.

The tool has no agents or special software dependencies which reduces operational overhead and the implementation is very easy and relative fast.
The report generated by the tool is simple and helpful. It is very intuitive even for technical decision makers which are not necessarily highly technical hands on.
Asaf reshef
Aroundtown SA is a real estate company with a focus on income-generating quality properties with value-add potential in central locations in top-tier European cities primarily in Germany, the Netherlands and in London.

Aroundtown invests in commercial and residential real estate which benefits from strong fundamentals and growth prospects. Aroundtown invests in residential real estate through its subsidiary Grand City Properties S.A., a publicly traded real estate company that focuses on investing in value-add opportunities predominantly in the German residential real estate market.

RISX by 10Root is a complete Active Directory Assessment solution at your fingertips.

With just a quick installation and a single run, RISX provided us with a thorough assessment of the targeted Active Directory environment. The comprehensive report generated by RISX was both detailed and easy to understand, empowering our IT team to promptly address identified issues and reduce potential risks.

The true power of RISX lies in its built-in advanced logic, which enabled us to significantly enhance our security posture efficiently and with minimal effort.
Aharon Gindi.
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
BYON is a leading project management consulting company which specializes among others in risk management: strategic, operational and project risk management as well as business continuity risk management.
When Dor Amit and 10Root's team of cyber experts gave me a demo of their RISX solution I was impressed by its capabilities to detect vulnerabilities across all IT and cloud assets and prioritize them in real time.
These capabilities are crucial for us and our clients therefore we have decided to adopt the solution. Along with 10Root's professional support RISX is really reducing the risks our clients are facing in all the layers of their activity.
Boris Yaniv
Epsilor – Electric Fuel is a globally-recognized developer and manufacturer of smart batteries, charging systems and wearable power and communication systems for high reliability applications.
Dor Amit and the team from 10Root presented to us the solution for the RISK system.
After a quick installation, the installed system produced a file, a simple report to use.
The detailed report contained a great deal of information, including a detailed explanation of the risks discovered and the solution to correcting these risks, mainly to Active Directory.
The RISK system gave us a simple, fast solution with minimal effort on the part of the IT personnel. The system greatly enhanced the arsenal of products that monitor our IT system and reduced the need for manpower to perform the tests.
Ronen Badichi
Tower Semiconductor Ltd., a leading manufacturer of high value analog semiconductor solutions, was looking to increase its cyber resiliency and reduce risk by implementing a zero-trust security.
Out of many solutions and products, we found that Preempt (Crowdstrike Falcon Zero trust) has the most comprehensive and holistic solution for Zero trust in the Active Directory realm.
With the professional help of 10Root, we were able to install and configure Preempt in an extremely short time to gain visibility we never had before.
We have deep insight on every user activity and risk classification that allows us to respond faster to security risks.
Preempt provides us control over each privileged access in our Active Directory allowing us to enforce strict access rules and policies in real time.

I would like to thank 10Root for their hard work and commitment.
Eytan Buchbinder
Director of Information Security
Finaro is a global cross-border payment provider empowering international commerce through brilliantly simple payments.
Cyber Risks Management is our top priority to ensure
our clients get the top-notch solution without compromising
on Security & privacy, and we are constantly investing and implementing the leading cyber security solutions available as well as next-generation innovative solutions
that keeps us one step ahead of malicious threat actors.

RISX - the security posture Analytics Solution
developed in 10ROOT by Dor, and the Team has been giving us
unique insights regarding unfamiliar Attack paths and derived risks mainly in AD and helped us design the remediation path with the minimal operational impact.
10Root implemented the attacker mindset into the product, which gives a probing perspective different and rather effective than the traditional controls approach.
Oren Gur
“At Telit, we are always on the lookout for new, exciting and effective solutions. This is why we were highly interested in AD Protect by Javelin Networks, introduced to us by Dor Amit & Yossi Sassi. After several short days of a proof of concept process where we have seen the value of the solution, the decision was very easy. We quickly covered the company endpoints with a unique and effective security layer. At almost zero impact in performance and productivity, we gain an important capability of addressing advanced attacks with much better tools in our arsenal and reduce dramatically man hours required to respond to incidents.”
Itzik Menashe
VP IT & Information Security, IT
Mimun Yashir, part of Tzur Shamir Group, is the leading non-bank consumer credit company in Israel.
As a financial institute Cyber Risks are prioritized from both regulation & business model perspective.
Our clients & suppliers data is the most important asset and we save no efforts to ensure its integrity & confidentiality.
RISX - 10Root's security posture Analytic Solution was love from first sight! unlike similar products which are successful at identifying problems, RISX allow us to prioritized the vulnerabilities & misconfigurations using a Risk Score and make them actionable by indicating detailed solution path. The metrics probing by Risx also reflect the residual risk by identifying clever attack paths using an attacker like mindset with the unique logic defined by Dor and the 10Root Team.
The report generated by the tool is simple and very intuitive even for technical decision makers which are not necessarily highly technical hands on.
Sefi Doron
“Sapiens, a global leader in innovative software for the insurance industry invests comprehensively in information and cyber security. Our risk management program ensures proper prioritization of risks and treatment plans Amit, Ten Root Co-founder, Sapiens is leveraging CrowdStrike Preempt to comprehensively cover our global Active Directory, gain full visibility and security controls to minimize risks.

Dor Amit from Ten Root took the lead on this highly important project and brought Ten Root and his extensive experience to execute such a global and complicated project, providing Sapiens an important layer of security. Sapiens wish to thank Ten Root for their commitment and contribution in this project. Well done!”
Mor Asher
Chief Information Security Officer
PassportCard Labs, the DavidShield Group’s Insuretech company considers securing our customers’ data
While allowing our business continuity top priorities.
As such, we put our best efforts on keeping up to date with all cyber security manners and state of the art solutions.
Having said that, engaging with 10Root spotlighted one of the most valuable assets that requires
Cyber security attention – Active Directory.
It would be fair to admit that the vast built-in vulnerabilities we found out that AD contains by using RisX, left us amazed.
By professionally assessing our environment and our threats, Dor and the team
not only walked us through executing immediate critical actions to effectively lower our exposure, but also created
a hand in hand long term mitigation plan to ensure future protection.
As the never ending battle of BlackHats vs WhiteHats continues, having trusted partners on our side
Surely boosts our readiness and our capabilities and 10Root is by all means one of them.
Yoni Maman
VP, Cyber Security & IT Infrastructures
Semiconductor Devices (SCD), is a leading global supplier of Infrared Detectors and Laser Diodes.
In a world of cybersecurity, and as a high technology leader in our industry, we are always seeking tools which will allow us to be more efficient and to provide a secured work environment. Therefore, we have chosen RISX as a new and successful solution. RISX examines cyber risks in the organization, using the smart management concept.
The tool is composed of several modules that provide a broad and functional view, with a full report and a work plan that will be prioritized according to criticality.
All of this with the support of the professional team in 10root, a team that works with the customer “hand in hand” towards successful implementation, with vast knowledge and commitment to the project.
Einat Wolff
CHRO, IT & Safety
"At the age where cyber threats are increasing regularly and the risks are too great to ignore, I see the Active directory as the most valuable asset in every organization, especially in financial organizations, keeping sensitive customers' data.
According to the cyber kill chain, when a cyber-attack occurs, the hackers will be searching for high importance properties - using privilege escalation processes etc, in order to get their way to the crown jewels, and if they succeed at this stage - this means game- over for that organization. This is why in Hachshara Insurance we've decided to invest in Javelin-Network's AD Protect system, and it turned out as the perfect choice! During a short POC conducted by Dor Amit & Yossi Sassi we were not only able to discover hidden AD vulnerabilities - but get detailed instructions on how to mitigate them.
With an advanced and proactively cyber defense product which we implemented here in all our domains, the ADProtect system certainly shows a significant added value and proven to be as a real success. We feels the company is now much safer, as the bar got higher for potential attackers".
Yaara Lavon

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